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Study in Fleet Naval Tactics, 1917-1920

 File — Box: 107, Folder: 7
Identifier: RG-08- Series I- File XTAG

Scope and Contents

From the Series:

Series I is divided into two parts, Part I is devoted to Military Intelligence and Part II is devoted to technical intelligence. Each part is arranged on different classification schemes.

Series I, Part II contains approximately 30 linear feet of technical intelligence information. Each document in this part is classified by a four letter notation beginning with an X.

Part II is organized on the following scheme of classification:

Heading Subject
XAD Administration
XADM Administration - Military
XADN Administration - Naval
XAE Aeronautics
XAEA Aeronautics - Airplanes
XAEB Aeronautics - Balloons and Zeppelins
XAEF Aeronautics - Flights
XAEG Aeronautics - General
XAEM Aeronautics - Maneuvers
XAEP Aeronautics - Airborne (parachute)
XAER Aeronautics - Routes
XAES Aeronautics - Seaplanes
XAET Aeronautics - Torpedo and Bombing Planes
XAEU Aeronautics - Unified Air Service
XAH Architecture
XAR Armor
XARD Armor - Deck
XARG Armor - General
XARU Armor - Underwater
XAY Army
XAYA Army - Artillery
XAYE Army - Engineering
XAYT Army - Tank Corps
XAYX Army - Problems
XBA Bases
XBAA Bases - Army
XBAN Bases - Navy
XCA Camouflage: Identification and Recognition
XCD Command
XCDG Command - General
XCDO Command - Orders
XCO Communications
XCOC Communications - Cable
XCOG Communications - General
XCOH Communications - Hydrophones (all submarine signaling)
XCOM Communications - Messages
XCOR Communications - Radio (including radio compass, Sono-buoys, etc.)
XCOS Communications - Signaling (Semaphore, Ardois, etc.)
XCP Cooperation between Army and Navy
XCPG Cooperation between Army and Navy - General
XDE Defense (and Attack)
XDEA Defense (and Attack) - Anti-Aircraft
XDEC Defense (and Attack) - Coast
XDEG Defense (and Attack) - General
XDES Defense (and Attack) - Anti-Submarine
XDF Definitions
XDFG Definitions - General
XEG Engineering
XEM Engineering (Marine)
XEME Engineering (Marine) - Electrical
XEMF Engineering (Marine) - Fuel and fuel expenditures
XEMG Engineering (Marine) - General
XEMI Engineering (Marine) - Internal Combustion Engines
XEMR Engineering (Marine) - Rotorships
XEMS Engineering (Marine) - Steam (engines, boilers, and auxiliaries)
XFO Fortifications
XFOG Fortifications - General
XGAD Gas - Defense and Offense
XGAG Gas - General
XHY Hygiene and Sanitation
XHYG Hygiene and Sanitation - General
XHYM Hygiene and Sanitation - Medical Department (Medicine and surgery)
XIN Intelligence
XINA Intelligence - Attaches
XING Intelligence - General
XLAI Law - International
XLF Landing Forces
XLFG Landing Forces - General
XLO Logistics
XLOC Logistics - Communications
XLOF Logistics - Fuel (coal and oil)
XLOG Logistics - General
XLOO Logistics - Fueling at Sea
XLOT Logistics - Transportation (air, rail, and water)
XMA Maneuvers
XMAA Maneuvers - Army (including rules and war games)
XMAC Maneuvers - Chart (including rules)
XMAG Maneuvers - General
XMAJ Maneuvers - Joint Maneuvers (Army and Navy)
XMAR Maneuvers - Rules (joint chart and tactical rules)
XMAS Maneuvers - Records of Specific Maneuvers
XMAT Maneuvers - Tactical (including rules)
XME Meteorology, Oceanography and Terrain
XMEG Meteorology, Oceanography and Terrain - General
XMI Mines and Mining
XMIG Mines and Mining - General
XMIO Mines and Mining - Mine Sweeping and Disposal
XMIS Mines and Mining - Submarine Mines
XMIW Mines and Mining - Warfare
XMO Mobilization
XMOA Mobilization - Army
XMOG Mobilization - General
XMON Mobilization - Navy
XNA Navigation and Navigational Instruments
XNAC Navigation and Navigational Instruments - Compasses (except radio compasses - see XCOR)
XNAG Navigation and Navigational Instruments - General
XNAI Navigation and Navigational Instruments - Instruments (except compasses)
XOG Ordnance and Gunnery
XOGA Ordnance and Gunnery - Ammunition
XOGB Ordnance and Gunnery - Bombs
XOGB(a) Ordnance and Gunnery - Atomic Bombs
XOGB(d) Ordnance and Gunnery - Depth Bombs
XOGD Ordnance and Gunnery - Depth Charges
XOGF(g) Ordnance and Gunnery - Gun Fire (range and effect)
XOGF(t) Ordnance and Gunnery - Torpedo Fire (range and effect)
XOGG Ordnance and Gunnery - General
XOGH Ordnance and Gunnery - Guns and Gun Details (sights, mounts, etc.)
XOR Organization
XORN Organization - Naval
XPO Policy
XPOD Policy - Disarmament and Limitation of Armaments
XPOF Policy - National
XPOG Policy - General
XPON Policy - Naval
XPR Problems
XPRG Problems - General
XPS Psychology
XPSC Psychology - Military Character, Initiative, Discipline
XPSD Psychology - Psychiatry
XPSG Psychology - General
XPSP Psychology - Propaganda
XSE Searchlight
XSEG Searchlight - General
XSC Science and Research
XSS Scouting and Screening
XSSA Scouting and Screening - Aerial
XSSG Scouting and Screening - General
XSSM Scouting and Screening - Motor Boats
XSSP Scouting and Screening - Problems (including maneuvers)
XSSS Scouting and Screening - Smoke Screens and Other Screens
XST Strategy
XSTA Strategy - Strategy of the Atlantic
XSTG Strategy - General
XSTP Strategy - Strategy of the Pacific
XSTX Strategy - Problems
XSTZ Strategy - Panama Canal
XTA Tactics
XTAG Tactics - General
XTAP Tactics - Battle Plans and War Charts
XTAV Tactics - Fighting Value of Ships
XTAX Tactics - Problems
XTO Torpedoes
XTOA Torpedoes - Aerial (see also Aeronautics)
XTOD Torpedoes - Details (instructions, books, etc.)
XTOG Torpedoes - General (includes torpedo tubes)
XTON Torpedoes - Nets
XTOR Torpedoes - Radio Controlled
XTOT Torpedoes - Tactics (includes attack and defense)
XTY Types of Vessels
XTYA Types of Vessels - Battleships (all classes)
XTYB Types of Vessels - Cruisers
XTYG Types of Vessels - General (comparison of value of types)
XTYJ Types of Vessels - Aircraft Carriers
XTYQ Types of Vessels - Anti-Submarine Craft
XTYU Types of Vessels - Submarines
XTYV Types of Vessels - Torpedo Craft and Motor Torpedo Boats (including destroyer leaders)
XTYX Types of Vessels - Auxiliaries
XWAG War - General
XWAP War - Plans, Preparation, Preparedness
XX Odds and Ends


  • Creation: 1917-1920


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